December 3

Assignment Of Payment Agreement

8.6. The plenipotentiary pays the service fee to AV Marketplace for av Marketplace services provided on platform i according to the price list or service charges individually set by the agent and AV Marketplace, as well as, if applicable, other payments that are stipulated in the price list. to resolve all issues relating to the repayment of the loan and the execution of the loan agreement in the interest of the agent; 12.4. During the term of the contract, the agent cannot speak directly to the borrower about the contract and the receivable, including the agent cannot visit the borrower at home or workplace, communicate with the borrower via messaging or social media, or demand payments from the borrower without the partner. to further assert rights against the borrower and not to bring claims before a court or arbitral tribunal against the borrower. 7.2. In the event of insolvency of the loan or partner initiator or late payment by the loan initiator or partner in accordance with the loan originant`s cooperation agreement, av Marketplace, the av Marketplace agent, as agent, irrevocably authorizes the borrower, at his discretion, to inform the borrower of the assignment of the debt on behalf of the agent and to ask the borrower to continue to pay all disbursements of the debt. AV Marketplace or, in the event of a transfer of claim management by AV Marketplace to a third party as agent of the agent. The agent authorizes AV Marketplace to send the customer notifications of the transfer of the right. 4.1. The agent pays the partner the transfer tax agreed in the Terms of Sale for the assignment of the debt covered in the Agreement and set out in the Terms and Conditions. Service and other payments (if any) are withheld by the agent in accordance with the price list; 8.9. The agent undertakes not to make claims against the initiator, partner, AV Marketplace or borrower because of the full or partial prepayment of the loan on the basis of loss of earnings and other losses in this regard. 10.2. The initiator of the loan is required to unilaterally exercise the repurchase obligations by paying a repurchase price to the agent if this is provided for in the terms and conditions of sale.

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