December 5

Chandler Macleod Enterprise Agreement

What complicates matters further is that four of these Oxford companies have registered business agreements with them, including Daniels. Daniel is employed by an employment agency, one might say, which has an enterprise agreement that provides for lower wages and conditions than he currently works. This is therefore a very difficult and precarious situation, with hundreds of workers in Oxford because their employer is not technically from Oxford; It is more or less a shelf company that does not have office space and does not supply other yards with labour, but is nevertheless the unit that technically controls its wages and conditions. [43] Working time charts and records of hours worked are recorded by different methods, and your advisor provides you with the necessary information based on your job. Work time information will be provided at the beginning of your task and our online working time tables are available via our website ( This may be a common feature of an employer`s work, namely the use of labour on client sites, whether it is a construction site, a computer project or a rental task (hiring). In situations where your employees work on site, there may be important questions about the legal liability of the client and the employer, especially when the agreement between the client and the employer may give the client the right to remove his employee from the premises. In 2016, the Fair Work Commission (FWC) investigated several cases in which a client removed the worker from another employer from the workplace, resulting in a right of wrongful dismissal. Earlier this year, in Pettifer v MODEC Management Services [2016] FWCFB 5243, the FWC reviewed a case in which Mr. Pettifer claimed to have been unfairly dismissed by his employer, MODEC, after the MODEC client decided to cease its long-term operations at their site following a serious security incident.

The facts in this case included: the client had the right to ask MODEC to remove Mr. Pettifer from its premises, Mr. Pettifer`s employment at MODEC was related to the project in question on the client site…… 5.30 CUB55 workers were informed that they could reapply for their positions, but through CUB`s new employment agency, Catalyst Recruitment, a subsidiary of Programmed with which CUB had entered into a new labour supply contract. [33] It is likely that the contracts offered through Catalyst resulted in substantial reductions in wages and conditions. The ETU explained that the Catalyst Enterprise Agreement had reduced salaries by 65%. It was also an agreement already in place, which lasted five years. Its difficult conditions had been introduced years earlier, when Catalyst had used three casual workers to obtain a non-unionized enterprise agreement that was in no way linked to CUB.

[34] 5.45 Once the employees have been identified, the company supposedly transfers them from the shelf company to the regal company, always on the eve of the expiry of a collective agreement, in order to avoid having to negotiate a new operating contract. 5.63 The Committee recommends that temporary workers be covered, be able to participate in collective agreements and negotiate collective agreements directly with the host employer.

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