December 9

France Greece Defence Agreement

The day before, the Greek finance minister had said he was prepared to spend some of his reserves on cash to buy weapons and other funds that will help increase his “deterrence capacity” after years of streamlining defence spending. Both Greece and Turkey have rejected each other`s respective agreements as null and void. The agreement, signed by June, will include joint naval and ground exercises, cooperation from the defence industry and a “strengthened” French naval presence in the eastern Mediterranean, Panagiotopoulos said. In January, the Greek Parliament approved an updated defense agreement with the United States authorizing the use of Greek military installations by U.S. forces. “We are in talks with France and not just with France to increase our country`s defence potential,” said a government official at the Reuters news agency. “In this context, there is a discussion that includes the purchase of aircraft.” “There is no agreement as it is written in several media. However, there are discussions on a number of topics,” said a French government source, without giving further details. Greece will sign a major defense deal with France in the coming months, the two countries` defense ministers said on Monday, months after a similar agreement with the United States. Mitsotakis will hold a private meeting with Macron, where the government says they will discuss the broader framework for Greek-French cooperation. It is very likely that the agreement on the sale of French weapons (Rafale aircraft and more) will be concluded as part of a dialogue between the two leaders. In addition to the order of French combat aircraft, the Head of State announced the next order for 4 frigates, without the origin or model being revealed, new helicopters again without further details, the modernization of the 4 Hydra-class frigates (Meko200HN) of the Hellenic Navy, which entered service between 92 and 98 , and the recruitment of 15,000 soldiers to reinforce about 60,000 career soldiers and 30,000 conscripts who serve in the ranks of the Hellenic forces.

The Greek Prime Minister also stressed that considerable efforts were being made to modernize and develop the country`s industrial defence capabilities. Finally, Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced the signing in the coming weeks of a bilateral defence agreement between Greece and France, which confirmed and legitimized the participation of French forces in the eastern Mediterranean to support its ally and Cyprus. “These discussions at the technical level are in no way an agreement for dialogue between Greece and Turkey,” Greek diplomatic sources stressed. Mitsotakis said Greece would acquire 18 French Rafale fighter jets, four multi-purpose frigates and four navy helicopters, while recruiting 15,000 new troops and providing resources to the national arms industry and cyberattack defense. She added that French President Emmanuel Macron, during his meeting with Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis at the end of January, was clear that Paris and Athens would strengthen their defence cooperation. Some of these agreements were undermined by accusations of corruption and corruption, which were subsequently examined by Parliament. Two former Greek defence ministers were subsequently jailed as a result of the investigation. Turkey is “threatening” Europe`s eastern border and “undermining” regional security, Mitsotakis said on Saturday.

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