December 15

Prenuptial Agreement Setelah Menikah

The truth of the premarital convention in Indonesia itself is legally protected, namely in Article 29, paragraph 1, of the Marriage Act No. 1 of 1974, which states that “at or before marriage, both parties may submit to the reciprocal unit a written agreement which has been ratified by the civil registry officer of the marriage and under which the content also applies to the partner of the marriage.” This means that the law has recognized the validity of pre-marriage agreements that protect married couples and married couples. The premarital agreement of the article regulates several things, including: REPUBLIKA.CO.ID,JAKARTA — Not only on the cost and concept of the marriage society, but many other things that need to be carefully weighed before marriage. One of them is the development of a marriage contract. From the above exposure, it is clear that the positives are prenup. In my case as a senior, Prenup can of course protect her from the burden of carrying her husband`s debts in capital. They must be open to disclosing the details of their financial situation before marriage (amount of property, debts) and possible debts after the marriage breakdown, in order to know who is responsible for the repayment. Marriage contracts are very important because they can protect and clarify the legal rights and obligations of both parties during marriage and their legal consequences when they leave due to divorce or death, including the separation of property, the rights of the child and other rights and obligations deemed important to both parties. However, in many cases, married couples only recognize the importance of entering into a conjugal agreement after marriage. The question is: can you make another marriage contract after the wedding? Why is he suddenly so open, huh? Usut had a usut happens that she was having financial problems at the time and her future husband by chance a businessman who does not escape from the debt of business funds. When he learned that I was now a financial planner, he wanted to get my opinion on the future management of family finances and on the premarital agreement (Prenup). What is Prenup? It`s necessary, isn`t it? Before the mood hunt, first know the background and its contents.

Let`s get to know pre-nup! Creating a marriage contract or commonly called the marriage agreement is a popular thing of young couples who are getting married.

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