December 21

Wta Teacher Collective Agreement

The agreement is a legally binding employment contract concluded through collective bargaining with the employer and the union. The WTA has also agreed to several provisions that will reduce the borough`s health costs during the duration of the contract. Teacher health insurance premiums will increase from 10.5% to 11 per cent in the first year of the contract and will increase to 12.5 per cent over the next three years. The borough and the WTA also agreed to conduct a joint study on Medicare to explore more affordable options, including the possibility of switching health care providers. In addition, teachers receive four days of less paid leave per year and agree to extend their working day by 25 minutes. Look at the full 2014-2018 collective agreement or choose the following: Michelle Licht, President of the WTA, said: “This agreement shows the district`s recognition that our members work tirelessly every day to provide our students with the best training and shows the willingness of our members to do everything in their power to ensure the financial stability of our district. It is thanks to all parties involved that we have reached a fair agreement that we can all support. Dr. Scott Martzloff, Superintendent of Schools, said, “We believe it is a fair solution for everyone and we recognize the hard work of our professional educators, who are truly the best in the industry. The members of the WTA negotiating team fought hard for their members and have always focused on what we need to do together to improve outcomes for our students. A welcome atmosphere of renewed cooperation during the negotiations and the final product benefits our teachers, students and our community. Home /More News /District, teachers reach a new agreement Sam Campanelli, the vice-president of the WTA, said: “On behalf of our membership, I would like to thank the Board of Directors of Education and in particular Dr.

Martzloff and his team. Although we were unable to reach an agreement before the contract expired, from the first to the last day of the trial, Dr. Martzloff and his team listened carefully and sincerely to the concerns of our members. The level of honesty, professionalism and sincerity expressed in these negotiations has been unique in my experience as a negotiator. Both sides have left the table and felt that this agreement is beneficial to all parties, and we look forward to continuing on this positive path into the future. At its December 12 meeting, the Williamsville Board of Education unanimously approved funding for a new four-year contract with the Williamsville Teachers Association (WTA). The bargaining unit, which represents nearly 900 teachers, school counselors and other certified employees, ratified the agreement Monday night with 96 percent of WTA members who voted for the pact. The new agreement will take effect retroactively on September 1, 2017 and expire on August 31, 2021. The previous contract expired on August 31, 2017. The Winnipeg Teachers` Association (WTA) of the Manitoba Teachers` Society (PDF)The Winnipeg Association of Non-Teaching Employees – WANTE (PDF)The Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local Union 110 (PDF)The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of The Plumbing and Local Union 2085 (PDF)The United Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners of America, Local Union 1515 (PDF)The Canadian Union of Public Employees, Local Union 2348 (PDF)The United Food and Commercial Workers Union, Local Union 832 (PDF) of Memorandum Between the Winnipeg School Division and the WTA The Collective Agreement between the Winnipeg School Division and the WTA regulates the terms and conditions of employment in the division.

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