April 8

Amazon Web Services End User License Agreement

(c) Sublicensing rights set out in this Section 62.2 On your end-users only to allow your end-users to use and modify your Sumerian Scene. “end user,” any natural or legal person who owns, directly or indirectly, another user: (a) accesses or uses your content; or (b) other access or use to service offers under your account. The term “end user” does not include individuals or companies that access services or content under their own AWS account and not on your account. 42.8. Forums; Submissions. In addition to your LM-Forks distribution rights in the Lumberyard Git archive, described above, you can include up to 50 lines of source code for Lumberyard materials to discuss this code during lumberyard discussion on our forums or elsewhere. You need to identify us as a source of code. “Lumberyard submissions” are content related to Lumberyard materials (including LM Forks) that you publish or transmit to other developer discussion websites, sample code repositories, or other AWS or public forums. You grant us a non-exclusive, global, permanent, irrevocable, transferable, under-conceded, free and fully paid license under all intellectual property rights on your Lumberyard and (ii) AWS bids the same rights to your Lumberyard bids as those granted to Lumberyard hardware. You guarantee and guarantee that you have all the rights necessary to grant the above licence and that your Lumberyard bids do not infringe the intellectual property rights of third parties or violate this Agreement. (k) the terms of the product. The product conditions apply to the use of certain software, hardware, equipment or other products and services available to you. “Product Conditions” refers to rights and restrictions on aws.amazon.com/legal/elemental-appliances-software-product-terms (and all successors or related sites we have designated) that we update from time to time.

45.6. AWS can develop for you, as part of the professional services AWS (e.g.B. Documents and software, “Developed Content” (in source code or object code), example of code or script (“software”) for you, which are either made up of (a) documents and diagrams (“documents”) or (b) software (in source code or object), example code or scripts (software). AWS is not prevented from developing, using or selling similar products or services or related to developed content, subject to no application between you and AWS. All developed content made available to you by AWS under a SOW is licensed under the following conditions: Neither you nor an end user will use the service offers in any way or for any purpose other than those expressly authorized by this Agreement. Neither you nor end-users will edit, distribute, modify, repair, repair or create works derived from content; which are included in service offerings (except to the extent that the content of service offers is made available to you under a separate license expressly authorizing the creation of derivative works), (b) Reverse Engineering, (c) access or use service offers in a manner that avoids fees, usage restrictions or quotas or (d) resells or sublicensing service offers, as long as current legislation does not permit such restriction. You can only use USAN trademarks in accordance with trademark usage guidelines that are www.usan.com/aws-docs/trademark-guidelines. You will not misrepresent or embellish the relationship between us and you (including by declaring or implying that we support, support, support or contribute to your business efforts).

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