April 8

Bell Mobility Service Agreement

12. How long is my agreement? Your agreement begins with the first activation of services and there is no long-term commitment. 13. What is the difference between a tariff plan, an add-on and per-use payment services? PC Mobile offers you a variety of subscription options when ordering services. You can subscribe to pre-defined services (your “payment plan”), add features (not in the rate plan) that interest you (an “add-on”) and have the additional option to use and pay for certain services as required (“pay-per use”). The amount you have to pay for the use of the services (your “fee”) depends on the combination of the services you have selected. Any use that goes beyond that contained in your tariff or add-on is an additional use (“Additional Use”) and is billed in accordance with Section 14. Keep in mind that you are responsible for choosing the combination of services that best meets your needs. 14. What happens if I exceed the usage limits of my tariff or add on? You`re paying extra. Additional usage will be charged at pay-per-use rates published on pcmobile.ca/prepaidplans, unless your rate plan or selected add-ons indicate another rate (which may change over time in accordance with section 45).

15. Do I have to pay a fee in addition to the fees described above? There may be an additional charge (“fee”). Visit pcmobile.ca/prepaidfaq for more information. They are informed and must agree to a tax before it is charged. Fees are usually charged separately from your rate plan and may change from time to time in accordance with Section 45. Some third-party application providers may charge you a fee to subscribe to your app and you are responsible for that fee. 16. How do I manage my account and fees? Visit pcmobile.ca/prepaidfaq for our self-service options or contact mobile PC customer service at 1-877-284-6361. 17. How are my user fees charged? It depends on the service used. (a) Voice: Local and long distance calls are rounded to the next minute, unless otherwise stated.

The moment begins when you make a call (z.B. by pressing “Send”) or for calls you receive, from the moment the call request connects to the network (which can ring in front of the device) until the time the activity is connected (for example. B by pressing “end”). If you call a phone number outside your local coverage area or receive a call, if you are outside your local coverage area, you will be charged for long-distance transportation services. The airtime and distance charges also apply to the transmission of calls. You can find an explanation of the proximity and extension areas at pcmobile.ca/prepaidcoverage. Calls to special numbers (except mobile pc or Bell), including those beginning with an “A” or a short code (charged per call), are not included in your fare or add-on and may inculant additional charges. (b) Text: Mobile PC counts your incoming and outgoing text messages. Long text messages can be divided into smaller segments, in which case you will be charged per segment. Your device may be inactive and incoming text messages may be received through the networks, but cannot be transmitted to your device. The applicable text taxes apply even if you don`t receive them immediately. Interactive text messages (also known as premium short code messages) are billed outside of the normal text message and additional charges are charged.

Premium short code messages can be stopped by responding to a message with the word STOP. Visit pcmobile.ca/prepaidfaq for more information. Texts relating to special numbers (excluding those operated by and on behalf of mobile PC or Bell), including texts beginning with an “A,” a “O” or a short code (charged per text) and texts on the fixed network are not included in your tariff or add-ons and may incage additional charges.

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