April 8

Care Credit Merchant Agreement

Health care is expensive. In addition to rents or mortgages, health care costs can be one of the most important monthly budget items for many people. Call (866) 304-9064 or see www.carecredit.com/practices. While their marketing launchers focus on accessing affordable health care, it`s important for consumers to keep in mind that CareCredit – and other similar credit card companies in the healthcare sector – are operating to make a profit. Consumer action. “WARNING: Medical credit cards can endanger their financial health.” Appeal on April 9, 2020. “CareCredit and VCA are committed to providing pets and their owners with the highest veterinary care easily and easily,” said Dave Fasoli, CEO of CareCredit. “Through our long-standing relationship with VCA, we continue to achieve this goal by providing them with the opportunity to create funding to help pet owners receive the care and services they need for their pets.” CareCredit Cindy Hearn, 800-300-3046, ext. 4138 Senior Vice President, Branding – Communications chearn@carecredit.com Or Communications, 855-791-8007 media.relations@synchronyfinancial.com VCA offers a full range of general and specialized medical care. Services include wellness examinations, vaccines and diagnostic programs, as well as specialties such as oncology, cardiology, dentistry, dermatology and surgery. VCA hospitals are occupied by more than 3,500 fully qualified veterinarians and more than 400 board certified specialists. This online credit services website (the “website”) is made available by Synchrone Bank (the “exhibitors”), the issuer of credit cards with private label or distributor brands (including all Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover cards) (a card) that may be associated with this site.

Credit cards in the health sector provide a way to manage medical expenses more easily. Of course, consumers should keep in mind that the financing behind these credit cards is provided by for-profit companies that are operating to make money. If you are not careful, you can pay a large fee. Like all credit cards, health-focused credit cards should be used with caution and responsibility. These include reading the fine print and a complete understanding of the terms and expenses associated with them. In this agreement to use the website, the term “retailer” refers to any merchant/trader linked to a card account. Complexities like this are not limited to CareCredit`s offerings. A medical credit card survey from a group called Consumer Action found similar practices from other credit card providers in the healthcare sector.

This agreement represents the entire agreement between you and the issuer regarding the terms of use of the site. Any means derived from your use of the website must be introduced within one (1) year after the application or the argument invoked has arisen. If, for whatever reason, a competent court finds that a provision of this agreement or part of it is invalid or unenforceable, that provision is applied to the extent authorized to interfere with the purpose of the agreement, and the rest of that agreement remains fully in force and effective. Synchrony`s CareCredit has agreements with a wide range of health care providers who accept their card as payment for their services; The card is accepted by more than 200,000 health care providers in the United States. Providers range from doctors, dentists and surgical centres to visual and auditory centres, hair restoration and even veterinary services.

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