September 15

Construction Manager As Advisor Agreement

In addition, as there is no family of contractual documents under the AIA, how are an agent`s contractual obligations defined? It would seem that the agent would have three separate contracts, one with the owner, the other with the architect and the other with the CM advisor who only has a contract with the owner? In addition: in the site manager as advisor A-132 standard form of the agreement between the owner and the subcontractor, CM advisor – the text of the document indicates that the contract between the owner is the supplier and the owner CM advisor? Hello Andrew, assuming that current lines mean contractual relationships and hyphens, I would say that the agent cm and cm-advisor would have exactly the same graph. I say this because the CM advisor is very involved in communicating with the architect throughout the design phase (cost estimation, project planning, etc.) and the construction phase (only for the award of modification contracts/CCDs) and the contractor in communication with the architect, given that the CM advisor (or CMs for this matter) must establish the link between the owner and the contractor. Also, I see contradictions when I look at the diagrams in AHPP 9.2 and 9.3, when construction costs are determined. Figure 9.2 shows “N/A” for CM advices and “upon completion” for CM agent. Figure 9.3 shows “by design” for both CM devices and CM agent. I hope I don`t question that too much. Thank you in advance.

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