September 18

Edinburgh Council Tenancy Agreement Template

B The lessor has agreed to take charge of a rental contract for the accommodation under the conditions set out in this contract and for remuneration, and the tenant has agreed to take over a rental contract. Termination of the rental agreement at the end of the limited time: If you wish to withdraw after the expiry of the limited time, you must send a written notification to your landlord. Your rental agreement should state how much termination you need to give. (b) if, beyond the expiry date (by explicit written agreement between the lessor and the tenant), the rental agreement by the tenant then continues each month in advance by transfer of the funds released to the account indicated. If you wish to end the tenancy, you must first obtain permission from the other joint tenants, as this terminates the lease for all. However, if the other tenants do not want to move, they can try to negotiate a new contract with the landlord. 13.2 The tenant hereby declares that he/she is or will be a student at the beginning of the residency period. In the event that the tenant loses his student status or, for any reason, is not entitled to exemption from municipal tax within the meaning of the Council Tax (Discounts) (Scotland) Consolidation and Amendment Order 2003, as amended by the Council Tax (Scotland) Amendment Order 2011, the tenant is responsible for and releases the owner and/or management company from the municipal housing tax. If you have a short and guaranteed rental agreement, your landlord can tell you in writing, at least two months before the expiry of the initial term or at any time thereafter, that he wishes to own the property. You may announce terminations during the lease on the agreed termination date. You need to send a written message to your landlord if you want to leave.

If you want to add more details to your rental agreement, you can select Word document download, save it to your computer, and add it later. A secure rental agreement gives you greater rental security than a short secure rental. This means it`s harder for your landlord to ask you to leave. If you would like further advice and support for secure rentals, please contact your local Citizens Advice Bureau or Shelter Scotland (see section 5 – Further advice and assistance). . . .

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