September 23

India Brazil Agreement

Bolsonaro said the two countries had strengthened their already strong relations by signing 15 agreements providing for cooperation in a number of areas. “Several agreements have been signed in the fields of infrastructure, justice, science and technology, agriculture, oil exploration, mining, health, culture and tourism,” Bolsonaro tweeted, adding: “The world`s confidence in Brazil is back!” Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro welcomed on social media the closer cooperation and agreements reached during Bolsonaro`s official visit to India. According to officials, the strategic partnership action plan will serve as a “framework agreement” for plans between the two countries to improve defense cooperation, technology exchanges and a logistics agreement. India and Brazil are likely to sign 15 agreements in the areas of social security, bioenergy, cybersecurity and health and medicine during Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro`s ongoing visit to India The bilateral investment agreement will be one of the first that the Modi government has signed since 2015, when it decided to terminate all existing contracts with 83 countries. and introduced a new “ILO MODEL”. Since then, India has been able to sign BITs with Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, reached an agreement with Cambodia and negotiated contracts with a dozen other countries. Other agreements exchanged are cooperation in the fields of oil and gas; cultural exchange programme; women and child development; investment protection; the field of health and medicine; early childhood; traditional systems of medicine and homeopathy; cultural exchange programme between 2020 and 24; social security; scientific and technological cooperation; geology and mineral resources; Livestock and the dairy sector. Bilateral relations were established as a strategic partnership in 2006 and, in 2023, the establishment of diplomatic relations with the 75. “We have just signed 15 treaties. We have indeed continued to consolidate our bilateral working relations,” Bolsonaro said.

He will be the main guest at the Republic Day parade on Sunday. According to the program, Bolsonaro will be accompanied by 7 to 8 ministers, including the Minister of Mines and the Minister of Agriculture, who have already arrived in Delhi to negotiate agreements that will be signed at the end of bilateral talks on January 25. Among the twenty or so agreements to be exchanged are the Action Plan for Strategic Partnerships with the ILO, a Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement (MLAT) on crime, double taxation prevention agreements, bioenergy or ethanol production, cybersecurity, health, mining, exploration and investment in oil and gas and livestock. Other important areas covered by the agreements signed on Saturday are health, bioenergy cooperation, cultural exchanges, geology and mineral resources, livestock, science and technology. The two countries have also concluded 15 agreements and a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), including investment cooperation and facilitation contract, mutual legal assistance in criminal matters, bioenergy and cybersecurity. India and Brazil on Saturday signed 15 agreements to consolidate cooperation in areas ranging from energy and trade and investment to cybersecurity and information technology, following talks between Brazilian President Jair Messias Bolsonaro and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The second day of his visit is filled with several commitments, including his meeting with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, which will be followed by the exchange of agreements between India and Brazil in different fields. . . .

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