October 7

Short Film Agreement

So you can hire your friends, non-union teams, or even union teams, if you wish. The most important thing is that the union signature is done on a frame-by-frame basis and not for life, so if you don`t have union actors for your next film, you won`t have to sign a contract with the union. Whether you love filmmakers, actors or just indie movies, here are some great resources that make you the best independent filmmaker, actor or movie lover of all time! If you have a filmmaking resource that you`ve found useful, send us a tip to blogadmin@sagindie.org. Films made under this pact can be published at film festivals, on free streaming sites such as Vimeo or YouTube. SAG`s Basic Theatrical Agreement applies to films with a budget of more than 2,500,000 $US. While premium talent is usually paid well above the SAG minimum, this is the rate actors can expect in a low-budget studio project or in a moderate independent film. The SAG daily rate is 1,005 USD and 3,488 USD for the week…

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