October 9

Startosinstall Could Not Get License Agreement

By using the agreetolicense option, you agree that you have only run this tool under license and that you have read and accepted the terms. If you disagree, press CTRL-C and stop this process immediately. The rescue tool crashed. In addition, it may be good to scan the hard disk preventively at the beginning of the script with diskutil verifyDisk and in case of error before downloading the installer and trying to install and run startosinestall. Then display a message to the user to contact their local IT administrator for help repairing the media before proceeding. I fought this problem with the startosinestall command that was not launched on some of my beta testers. What I found was where I had errors, the computer had at least one upgrade in place OS with this workflow with an earlier version of the script (verse 2.6.1). However, it seems that I am having the same problem as @krispayne and @beneb12 :/ However, since we know that startosinestall stops if the hard drive can`t be checked, couldn`t the diskutil (or even fsck) command I mentioned be executed before any other? After some research on the inside of the system, my instinct was that because jamfHelper and startosinestall are run in the background (with the &at the end of their line), so they become childish processes of macOSUpgrade. Then macOSUpgrade is finished (almost immediately after, without waiting for its lower processes to be completed) and as a result, the system terminates all lower processes, stops the installer in its tracks, and closes the jamfHelper window. @patgmac I`ve seen it with some of our devices. Something is wrong with the startosinestall binary, so it`s stuck by chance. This would catch this possible error even before the startosnstall command is executed…

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