October 10

Technology Development Agreement

7.5 The development work of each SOW is considered completed by reference to the achievement of the agreed milestones and delivery plans. Either Party may, at any time, terminate its activities under a specification, at any time after notification by the other Party, without penalty or future payment obligation due to market or competitive considerations, or if the development project addressed by the specification is delayed or is not likely to be economically successful. 1.22 “SOW” means the separate declarations of work that must be agreed from time to time by the parties with respect to the specific development projects they have agreed. Each SOW is performed by both parties and specifies the tasks and work to be performed by each party, the contributions of engineering and design resources, equipment, supplies, capital and other resources to be provided by each party, the results to be provided, prototypes and other work products, the development schedule and the main milestones. the roles and responsibilities of the parties in completing the development, the exclusive, marketing, production and distribution rights of the parties, any licensing obligations of the parties and other matters that the parties may agree. The joint development agreement is usually enshrined in a written contract between two or more partners. The treaty is the framework on which the relationship is built and must be negotiated and designed with care and completeness to be effective. The contract can govern the relationship between the parties for many years and can be mentioned in case of conflict or other problems. It is therefore important to address and negotiate at least the most important points of the treaty in order to avoid uncertainty and possible long and costly disputes. CONSIDERING that RFMD has certain valuable and confidential technologies useful for the design and manufacture of integrated circuits for wireless communication applications; and (b) it is recognized and agreed by each party that nothing in this Agreement prohibits (or shall prevent either party) from developing, acquiring, licensing or using other technologies identical or similar to the plant under soW.

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