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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Serving Champagne at a Wedding

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about our bar lately (see here, here and here), but I don’t want anybody to get the wrong impression about our boozy bash. Today, I’m going to flip the script and talk about … Continue reading

18. July 2014 by Taryn
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Sip on These Signature Beer Cocktails

I love a signature drink for an event. Whether the goal is so save on spirits, add a personal touch or just to keep the wedding theme going, I think signature cocktails are a fun experience for guests. I know … Continue reading

15. July 2014 by Taryn
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A Dessert Idea that Just ‘Pop’ped Up

Getting married at a brewery has its perks. The biggest plus so far has been being able to visit Monday Night Brewing with friends or vendors pretty much whenever we want. Rooster’s stepmom was in town for the holiday weekend, so we took her over … Continue reading

27. May 2014 by Taryn
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Prepping for the The Georgia Bar

You law school grads just winced at that title. But I promise this is a happy post. About booze! Planning your beverage options for a wedding is never easy. You have to decide what to drink, and more importantly, who’s going … Continue reading

13. May 2014 by Taryn
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Winner, Winner! Chicken (and Waffles) Dinner!

I am determined to be one of those brides who actually eats on her wedding day. Nothing—not rain, sleet, snow or the pressure to say hello to every aunt and cousin—will stop me from eating dinner that night. I’m insanely … Continue reading

12. March 2014 by Taryn
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