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May 23

When Hens Cry

I don’t know if I’ll cry on our wedding day. We’re sure to have some emotional moments. Among them: Our first dance to a really meaningful song and Roo reading the vows he wrote. I’m sure I’ll be touched beyond words, … Continue reading

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May 16

One Year of Being Engaged and We’re Finally Speaking the Same Language

Yesterday marked one year since the day that Rooster got down on one knee at Disney World. It was our fourth dating anniversary then, which makes this one our fifth. Dating anniversaries seem to lose their spark, though, once you … Continue reading

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May 6

The Co-Habitating Couple’s Guide to Registering for Wedding Gifts

It’s tough to choose a gift for the couple that has everything—and even harder when that couple is you. As a girl that’s been co-habitating with her future husband for more than four years, we didn’t take the registry decision … Continue reading

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May 5

A Proposal Trinket for Our Tree

I know I’ve mentioned before that I love to play with tradition. So instead of celebrating the holidays by the glow of a real green tree, Rooster and I have a black one. A black Christmas tree that I dress up with … Continue reading

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April 29

How I Decided to Take My Husband’s Name, Kinda

If you looked at my freshman algebra notebook, you might think my decision to take my fiance’s name after we marry was an easy choice. Somewhere between the thoughtless doodles and actual math work are dozens of scribbles of my … Continue reading

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