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December 6

Finding Our Style

I’m going to say “our” a lot, because it feels silly to say “my style” or “my wedding.” I mean, I’m the planner, but I’ve got to think for two here. That said, the mister’s interest in wedding planning ends … Continue reading

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December 4

Making the Easy, Early Decisions

Cards by A Two Pipe Problem Letterpress To my mind, there’s three distinct stages of wedding planning. This model is totally something I made up, but if it catches on, we’ll call it the Hen Wedding Planning Doctrine: Pre-engagement The decisions … Continue reading

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December 2

How to Turn a Blogger into a Bride

Hi, I’m Taryn. Maybe you knew that, and maybe you didn’t. But what you should know is that (a) I’m getting married next fall and (b) I can’t do anything without blogging about it. I studied magazine journalism in college, … Continue reading

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