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May 29

Operation Guest Greet

I’m excited for the dress. I’m excited for the beer. But what I’m most excited for are the people. Rooster and I are thrilled that we’ll have all our favorite people in one place, here in the city where we call home.  … Continue reading

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May 7

Our Wedding Registry, By the Numbers

Roo and I definitely put some thought into our wedding registry. After deciding on a strategy for registering for gifts, we took the scanners out for a test drive. Since I always like to compare how I’m doing with this … Continue reading

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May 6

The Co-Habitating Couple’s Guide to Registering for Wedding Gifts

It’s tough to choose a gift for the couple that has everything—and even harder when that couple is you. As a girl that’s been co-habitating with her future husband for more than four years, we didn’t take the registry decision … Continue reading

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April 23

“Hashtag Wedding. Hashtag Hashtags.”

I can’t remember the first time I spotted a hashtag, although I’d be willing to bet our wedding fund that I clicked my first hashtag on Twitter sometime shortly after I joined in 2009 (the same year Twitter introduced using the pound … Continue reading

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April 3

To Seat or Not to Seat: That is the Question

When making certain choices about the timeline or flow of our wedding, I like to imagine myself as a guest. So if you would humor me for a second, let’s try a visualization exercise, everyone: You’re a guest at the … Continue reading

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