Something Borrowed, Something Brewed

I wish I could tell you that I spent a long time researching wedding venues before I found the perfect one. But in the version of this story that’s closer to reality, our venue search was short and simple.

Mr. Rooster and I were each born and raised across the country from each other, and far from where we met in Atlanta. So by the time we were engaged four years later, it was pretty clear we’d have the wedding in Georgia. That left me plenty of time to daydream about what type of venue I wanted.

One of my fantasy picks for an Atlanta venue was Sweetwater Brewery, a local craft brewery whose beers we loved to drink. It didn’t hurt that they had a great tasting room and patio to party on.

Sweetwater Brewery

But something happened in the years between when I was day-dreaming a wedding and actually engaged and planning one. Another local brew stole our hearts.

Monday Night Brewing via Scoutmob

I can’t remember where we first heard about or tasted Monday Night Brewing. It was probably at a beer festival or something. But I do remember we both loved their branding and marketing. They touted “beers for the weeknights,” and took on the persona of the 9-5 yuppie who heads for happy hour and lives all week long, refusing to be just a weekend warrior. Their beers are amazing, too. And they officially opened up a brewery and tasting room in our neighborhood in January 2013, a few months before Roo and I were engaged. It was serendipity.

Monday Night Brewing

I did some Google searching to find other venues, but nothing compared to MNB. I never even visited another space. Armed with our “Casual. Modern. Southern.” style cues and “just do you” mantra, we booked it and never looked back.

I feel kind of silly about making such a big decision so hastily, but it felt right. I can’t be the only who has ever made a big decision without a lot of thought, right?

13. December 2013 by Taryn
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