A Proposal Trinket for Our Tree

I know I’ve mentioned before that I love to play with tradition. So instead of celebrating the holidays by the glow of a real green tree, Rooster and I have a black one. A black Christmas tree that I dress up with lights and a glittery star and a specific color scheme for the ornaments on it: Everything is silver, black, white or gold.

(Side note: One of my favorite things about spending the holidays with Roo’s family is that they stick to a color scheme, deciding sometime around October to all wrap gifts in the same few hues. Its just warms my coordinated little heart!)


Conveniently, our pup Bacon is a black and white Boston Terrier. So he gets to be all over the tree.

You might also recall that Rooster asked me to marry him on the first night of our anniversary trip to Walt Disney World. We’re not overly sentimental people, but that trip was such a wonderful time together for us, I knew I wanted a keepsake to remember it by. And I found the perfect thing. You see where this is going, yeah?


At some point, we stepped into the Christmas store on Main Street at the Magic Kingdom and spotted a perfect little ornament to celebrate our proposal trip. It fit perfectly into my Christmas theme with black, gold and white glitter details, and was lovingly embellished with the year, 2013.

We brought the serendipitous little ornament home after our May engagement trip, and it (finally) made its debut seven months later on our little black tree last Christmas. It’s such a lovely little reminder of our day, and makes me even more excited for the holidays each year, if that’s even possible.

Does anybody else have a souvenir from their engagement?

05. May 2014 by Taryn
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