When Hens Cry

I don’t know if I’ll cry on our wedding day. We’re sure to have some emotional moments. Among them: Our first dance to a really meaningful song and Roo reading the vows he wrote. I’m sure I’ll be touched beyond words, but will I cry?

In general, I’m totally a crier. I cry when things are sad. I cry when I’m happy. I cry when I’m overly stressed at work, and sometimes, I cry when I’m having a fat day and feel like nothing fits. And now thanks to those ASPCA commercials, I cry at the sheer mention of Grammy-winning Canadian singer-songwriter Sarah McLachlan.


When we talked pre-engagement about the hypothetical moment Rooster would pop the question, we both agreed that I would probably turn into a ball of tears. But I surprised both myself and Mr. Rooster when I stayed totally dry-eyed through his proposal at Walt Disney World. I just did this weird happy/surprised/pouty thing with my lips, like I couldn’t believe what was happening. But no tears. At all. Not even a glassy eye. Kind of like this kid, but nowhere near as cute.

Daily Cute

It took me 7 pages of Google Images to find an example that captured my proposal face so well.

While I don’t really know how I’ll react on our wedding day, I do know one person that will be crying for sure: Mom Hen. She’s known to effect waterworks at the drop of a hat. Roo and I had our engagement photos taken just before the holidays last year, so we gifted our parents framed photos of us at Christmas. Mom Hen was bawling, y’all. She flooded the Mississippi when we gave her a photo, I can’t even imagine how much she’s going to cry on our wedding day.

So I don’t know which Miss Hen will show up on our big day: The one who takes after her mom and cries for stray dogs, or the one who managed to keep it together while her fairy tale came true. But just in case I am a waterworks that day, I’m investing in industrial strength mascara. I don’t need Miss Hen to turn into Miss Raccoon-Eyes. Not all of us get to look as good as Beyonce when our makeup is running.

Hello Giggles

Did you cry on your wedding day? Any advice for staying dry-eyed? More importantly, what’s your favorite waterproof mascara?

23. May 2014 by Taryn
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