Look at us. Look at us!

I’m so not a “look at me!” person. I prefer to keep private. Mostly private, at least. I’ll share Instagram photos of every meal all day long, but when it comes to pictures of me? I’m not overly into sharing. Rarely will you get a selfie out of this girl.

Still, I really like our engagement pictures, and I’ve been looking for places where I can display them without being cheesy. I mean, Roo looks so handsome! Why wouldn’t I want to keep his face around? And some of our photos are just beautifully composed and something I would hang up no matter who was in them.



So we put one on the wall of our living room.  And I put my favorite shot of Roo on my desk. It’s not that I want to be surrounded by pictures of myself. I just like having cool personal art hanging on our wall, and pictures of my fiancé on my desk. I just happen to be the other creature in this picture (instead of our dog, Bacon).


At this stage in wedding planning, our engagement photos are one of the most tangible things about our nuptuals. It’s something physical I can keep around me to remind me of our big day and keep me excited and motivated. Especially when I eat PB&J for lunch at work for the thousandth time in the name of “saving money for the wedding.”

Is it cheesy to display your engagement photos? I hope not.

31. January 2014 by Taryn
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