Getting Our Wedding Style On Paper

After our color palette was decided, I was able to expand our wedding vision and create some fun inspiration graphics and boards. If you’re a visual person like me, getting things down on “paper” can really help you get a feel for your wedding style.

Color Palette


I wanted to create two boards in addition to our wedding palette. The first one I’ll call our “elements,” the items and motifs I want to repeat throughout our wedding.



Succulent, In Bloom / Ribbon, Blush & Gray / Gold Elephant, Hank & Hunt / Menu, Shannen Natasha via Brides / Dahlia, Malmborgs /Tulip, Floral Muse / Facet Curtain, 3Form

Then, with our palette and elements laid out for me, I opened up Photoshop one afternoon and got to work playing with an inspiration board. I combined what photos I have of our real wedding so far (the save-the-dates, venue and my dress) with pictures I found from real wedding (and not wedding) inspiration around the web.

Inspiration Board


Our Save the Date / Threads by P. Johnson & Drake’s London / Succulent, In Bloom / Dahlia, Malmborgs / Arrangement by Mary Grace Joseph / Bites at Courtney & Chris’s Wedding / Monday Night Brewing‘s Tasting Room / What our men might wear / Sara Mueller‘s Essentials / A terrible photo of my dress / Succulents from San Pedro Cactus

None of this is set in stone, obviously. But now I have visuals to go back to as I’m planning two super-important pieces that come next: what the bridesmaids will wear and what we want on all the tables. As a visual person, this is a huge step, y’all. I just couldn’t possibly imagine our wedding’s look before getting things down, and now I can almost touch it!

18. March 2014 by Taryn
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