Favors: Let’s Brew This Thing!

I had no idea making decisions could be so exhausting. Planning a wedding means making lots of little choices, and it really drains your cognitive ability to decide on anything else in everyday life. “What do you want for dinner?” No clue. “Are you coming out this weekend?” Who knows. I can’t even decide what color pens to use some days, and there’s only two choices: blue or black. So when an important wedding decision is more or less made for me? I’m totally on board. And that’s kind of what happened with our wedding favors.

We’re getting married at a local brewery, Monday Night Brewing; a venue that fits us and our city perfectly. With breweries popping up left and right, Atlanta is becoming a huge market for craft beer, and attending a brewery tasting is a suitable way for locals to spend their happy hour or a weekend afternoon. But while Atlanta’s beers and breweries are diverse in style and flavor, they all handle tastings the same way: In Georgia they can’t legally sell any beer, but they can sell you a pint glass and then give you beer tasting tickets on the house. Show up at 5pm with a $10 bill, and you’ll stumble out a few hours later with a 6-ticket buzz and a souvenir glass.

Ashlee Culverhouse Photo
Steven Wallace Photo

Because Roo and I are among those frequent brewery-goers mentioned above, our cabinets are full of brewery-branded pint glasses. In fact, the only other glassware we own are for wine, a fact which I realize paints us as total lushes but also demonstrates exactly how common brewery glasses are in Atlanta households. It’s totally a thing here.


Literally. All of them. From Breweries near and far.

So when we were offered the suggestion of customizing Monday Night Brewing’s pint glasses as favors for our wedding, we knew it was the perfect idea. The front of the glass will feature MNB’s logo, while the back will have our wedding logo plus our names and the date. Everyone (including the kids) will get a glass to use all night at the wedding to keep the beer, soda or mixed drinks flowing. (Wine will still be served in a proper wine glass, sine drinking wine out of a pint weirds me out.)

Caroline Fontenot
Caroline Fontenot

As far as brewery weddings go, pint glasses are a pretty common favor (all the event photos in this post are from real weddings at our venue), but I’m not going to let that stop me. I figure most people haven’t even been to a wedding at a brewery. And they certainly haven’t been obsessively Googling “brewery wedding” for months, like some brides who-must-not-be-named.

Shaune Harrison

Who, me?

I don’t know yet how we’re going to hand out or display our pint glass favors. We could keep them near the bar so the bartenders can hand them out with everyone’s first drink. Or we could set one up at each place setting. Or (and this is my favorite idea, I think) we could set them all up on a table outside as faux escort cards. We aren’t assigning seats, but since I always love searching for my name at escort card tables, I think it could be fun to line up all the glasses with people’s names attached as they walk in to the brewery. Roo and I have been throwing around the idea of opening the bar before the ceremony, so I might display them with a cute sign that cues everyone to “grab a glass, grab a drink, then grab yourself a seat!”

Escort Cards by Paper Daisies, styling by Scarlet Plan & Design , shot by KBG Photography

No matter how they get dished out, pint glasses it is! I’m impressed with myself. Both for choosing a favor so quickly and decidedly, but also for making things more difficult than they need to be, as our fast and easy favors may have just turned into escort cards and a DIY sign display. Oh, and koozies. I still really want koozies. Is it overkill to have more than one brewery-themed favor?

How did you decide on favors? Did they play into your wedding location or theme?

19. June 2014 by Taryn
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