Honeymoon Redeux, Part 1

If you looked around our apartment, you’d discover two things about Roo and I: We love London, and we love football.


Remember our living room from this post?

We’ve been to plenty of football games together, but neither one of us has actually been to Europe. London was definitely the ideal destination for our honeymoon—even before we were engaged—but it became a dream honeymoon when the NFL announced that our two favorite pro football teams, Roo’s hometown Detroit Lions and our own Atlanta Falcons, were set to play each other in the NFL international series at Wembley stadium in London. Two weeks after our wedding. It was like the honeymoon gods were shining down on us.

NFL Rush

There’s only one problem. We had to find some way to pay for this dream vacation.

I Love Vinyl Records

London and the Lions game were always in the back our our minds for the first several months of our wedding planning. Big Ben peeked his head in at each of our budget sessions reminding us not to go overboard on the wedding, or else we wouldn’t be able to make the trip of our dreams. But we kept at it, finding new ways to make money or save money to try and make it across the pond.

Then we ran into another problem. My best friend and Maid of Honor tipped me off that she and her boyfriend of ten years were going to make it official with a ceremony this fall—the same weekend as the football game.

I Love Vinyl Records

As serendipitous as our football-loving London honeymoon seemed to be, I knew I wouldn’t miss my MOH’s wedding for anything in the world. We decided to scrap the London honeymoon.

As we get closer to the wedding, I realize that we probably couldn’t have made London work, anyway. It would have been a lot of money for us after saving up for the wedding, and it would have had to be a really short trip. But now we have a new plan…

Did life or money get in the way of your honeymoon plans?

06. July 2014 by Taryn
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