Honeymoon Redeux, Part 2

Until the flights are booked, dream honeymoon plans exist only in your dreams. Rooster and I had big hopes to make our fantasy trip to London a few weeks after our wedding to watch our two favorite teams play in the NFL International Series at Wembley Stadium (talk about serendipity!), but it wasn’t meant to be. Money woes and a very important wedding planned for the same weekend de-railed our plans.

We determined the best thing to do, both for our schedules and our wallets, would be to take a honeymoon someplace closer and cheaper right after the wedding. But we still really wanted to (irresponsibly) go to London, too, even if it meant we’d miss the game. It was like a devil and angel were on our shoulders, telling us where to take our first trip as newlyweds.

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So we did what we usually do when we’re faced with a tough decision: Not make one.

Yep, we’re doing both.


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Right after the wedding, we’ll head to Chicago for a mini-moon. We’ve both been there before, but we love spending time in The Windy City. Roo’s sister owns a vacation condo (in an awesome location near Divison Street) and has generously offered to let us stay there while we dine and play all over the city. Taking a domestic honeymoon with a free place to stay allows us the freedom to play for a whole week and spend our honeymoon budget treating ourselves with a trip to the spa and really nice dinners (with really nice cocktails to go along). If we’d splurged on a trip to Europe right after the wedding, it would have been short (like, 3 days) and we would have had to watch every penny. I’d rather relax after the wedding than rush around London with no money.


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Then next spring, we’ll take our dream trip to Europe. With fresh vacation days and some fresh paychecks, we’ll have more flexibility and a bigger budget to take the overseas trip we’ve truly wanted to take all these years. The plan right now is to take a couple of weeks and hit up London along with Amsterdam and Brussels, but we’ve got plenty of time to decide how we want to spend part two of our honeymoon.

Now that the decision to take a two-part honeymoon is behind us, we can really see that it’s the right thing to do for our budget and our schedule. Plus this way, we get two honeymoons for the price of one! (You’re still newlyweds after 6 months, right?)

Where are you going for your honeymoon? Anyone have any recommendations for me in Chicago?

07. July 2014 by Taryn
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