Sock it To Me, Groomsmen

Details are a double-edged sword. On one hand, “attention to detail” is something to be admired. You have to hand it to a couple who goes the extra mile to make their bash sing from head to toe. On the other hand, “the devil is in the details,” and if you think long and hard about every little piece of the puzzle you’ll drive yourself up the wall.

I just used a dozen idioms in that opening paragraph and I’m not sure that I know what all of them mean.

This is a story about socks.

Beautiful Day Photography via Jet Fete Blog

Wedding socks, to be specific. As brides and bridesmaids, we meticulously put together wedding day looks with perfectly coordinated accessories—no shoe sole goes un-turned. But I love it when the groomsmen are equally on-theme, even down to the tips of their toes. No surprise then that I recently began searching for socks for Roo’s three groomsmen that match our color palette and coordinate with their black suits and black polka dot ties.

Man feet (I’m sorry) via Happy Socks

Good news: I found the perfect socks! They’re black and green to match our palette. Plus I love how they look like a more modern version of classic argyle.

I also found the same socks in pink in photos from another wedding, so I know they would look great with the guys’ suits. Would look great. Would.

Cory Ryan via 100 Layer Cake

The bad news? When I pulled up the perfect socks, I made the mistake of also showing Roo this pair of socks from my search, featuring Detroit Pistons Bad Boys superstars Isaiah Thomas and Bill Laimbeer (his favorite! natch!).


Once Roo saw those Pistons socks, there was no going back to the perfectly coordinated wedding socks of my dreams. But you know what? It’s better this way. Do they perfectly match the wedding? No. Do red and blue socks even go with a black suit? Definitely not. But will the guys love them? Absolutely.

I decided this is one of those details that doesn’t need to be thought over a thousand times. So four pairs of mismatched NBA wedding socks are on their way to our mailbox right now. We’re going to put them together with the ties and some other presents as groomsmen gifts.

Beautiful Day Photography via Jet Fete Blog

And yes, I’m still going to make the guys pose for a photo with their pant legs hiked up. C’mon, they’re wearing Pistons socks! How cool is that?

21. July 2014 by Taryn
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