Our Ring (and Antique Book) Bearer

Whenever I post about our wedding decisions, I usually try to offer some back story. I figure it helps to know how we chose certain elements or to explain the significance of one thing or another. But four our ring bearer details, I got nothin’.

Our ring bearer himself is pretty special. He’s Roo’s youngest nephew, a really cute boy who’s into boy things, like Lego, Batman and Lego Batman. But I have to admit that, unlike most other things about our wedding, I didn’t have a clear vision for what he would wear or carry down the aisle.

So we just…. picked. No Pinspiration, no color swatches. We just picked stuff we liked and checked it off the list.

He’ll be wearing black, like the groomsmen. With a black polka dot bow tie that matches the groom’s polka dot necktie. We don’t want him in a jacket, so he’ll probably be wearing suspenders or a vest instead. We still need to figure that out. (Maybe some Pinspiration wouldn’t hurt…)

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As for what he’ll actually carry down the aisle, I always figured it would be a ring pillow. I knew there were other options, like a stack of books or a “here comes the bride” sign, but I didn’t really have a good reason to do either of those. At least not until I went antique shopping last weekend.  As we wandered through the stores, I had my mind on our wedding. I was looking specifically at vintage glassware for centerpieces, but I stumbled upon a small weathered book: Honey Bunch, Her First Big Adventure.


Among probably a dozen other stupid terms of affection (Babeh, Booski, Boo Boo), our big pet name for each other is “Honey Bunch.” So this antique store Honey Bunch book was perfect for our ring bearer to carry down the aisle. I snatched it up for $7 and brought it home.


I imagine we’ll give the tattered book a little special treatment with ribbon and maybe a secret cut-out (a la Martha Stewart) inside the pages. I’m just thankful to have found a direction and another thing to check off the list. Now I just have one question: Does the ring bearer actually carry the rings down the aisle? Or do I need to find decoy rings now?

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Do you have a ring bearer? What’s your plan?

23. July 2014 by Taryn
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