DIY Bouquet Charm to Honor the Loss of a Loved One

Something I’ve learned about weddings as a bride is that they’re not about you. They’re about family. The family you’re creating by marrying your beloved. And the family and community that has supported each of you along the way.

There’s never a good time to lose someone close to you. But some times seem harder than others.


Roo’s dad passed away last December, just a few months after we were engaged and two days before our smiley engagement session (those photos will always be a little bittersweet for me). As tough as it was for us, I know their dad’s passing had to be tough on Roo’s sister, Mandy. When her dad passed away, she and her fiancé, Matt, were in that we’re-definitely-almost-engaged stage (you know how it is). They’re getting married this November. As much joy and love is surrounding them on that day, there’s going to be a huge something missing.

So one of my gifts to her at our dual bridal shower was a photo charm for her bouquet. When her brother Roo is walking her down the aisle, their dad will be right there alongside them in spirit.


Putting it together was simple and easy, thanks to a store-bought photo frame charm. I wanted to make the presentation a little something special, too.


Photo charm (I got this one at Michael’s for $2)
Clear tape or laminate
Small envelope

1. Print your photo(s) to size. My charm had a fake photo inside, so I measured that to get the right sizing. My frame also has two sides, so I printed two photos next to each other so I could fold it in half. It also had the added benefit of making the frame insert double thick and helped it to better stay in place in the frame.MakingaPhotoBouquetCharm
2. Laminate, or “laminate” the photo and insert it into the frame. My first attempt at slipping the photo into the frame scratched all the ink off my delicate printout. The second time around, I laminated it with two pieces of clear tape. It worked like a…. um…. charm, I guess.

3. Design and print out a card for your charm. Use scrapbook paper or anything else to create a thick card that fits your envelope. I added Mandy’s name to a photo of a bouquet I found online, then printed a purple cable-knit pattern on the back.

4. Punch holes on either side of the card, then string a ribbon through the back. If you’re looking at the back of your card, push each end of the ribbon through the holes so they’re coming out the front.

5. Tie a knot, string your charm on, then tie a bow. Trim the ends and slip it into your envelope.


This was a small project with a huge impact. I hope Mandy is looking forward to having a small token to remind her of her dad on what will surely be a very special day for his youngest daughter.


Another gift I put together for the shower was a gift for our hostesses, Roo’s sisters and aunt. Mandy and I chipped in on a few cute bath sets from Lush Cosmetics to give our hosts. They were already packaged in a cute little handkerchief, so I just added a custom tag I designed for each of them.

I wanted to share this because it incorporates my favorite trick for adding a little flair to a handmade tag: Eyelets. A handwritten, hand stamped or hand painted tag is instantly elevated with a little metal hardware.


Adding eyelets or grommets is easy to do (here are some DIY instructions that explain it way better than I ever could) and instantly adds polish to a crafted tag.


Giving really is better than receiving. I’m glad I got a few opportunities to give gifts at my bridal shower. Hopefully these projects might inspire one of you to try it out.

Did you give any gifts at your own shower?

19. August 2014 by Taryn
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