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mondaynightbrewing1Monday Night Brewing

I talked about how Mr. Rooster and I stumbled upon our brewery venue in a previous post, but I never really went over all of the things that we really love about it. It fits our wedding style, sure, but there are several details that helped us make up our minds about Monday Night Brewing:

It’s indoors and outdoors. I love the idea of getting married outside, but let’s face it: My idea of being “outdoorsy” is sharing a pitcher of margaritas on a patio. That’s why I love that the brewery is an indoor/outdoor kind of place. Their 4,000 square foot tasting room is attached to a 5,000 square foot patio, and we’ll be using the entire space for our celebration.

Monday Night Brewing

We can have the ceremony and reception in the same place. As long as the weather’s nice (knock on wood) the plan for our day is to have the ceremony outside on part of the patio, then open up the whole space for the reception. As a wedding guest, I’m always relieved to know that I won’t have to travel far to get from the ceremony to the reception, and I’m glad we have more time to celebrate and less time dedicated to logistics. “We do,” then we dance. Boom.

It’s already decorated. For the most part. Monday Night Brewing hosts tastings several times a week, and the space is fitted with tons of details that make it a fun place to hang out. There’s already lots of vintage-cool mismatched furniture in the tasting room, including tables and chairs, picnic tables and bright red benches, so we’ll only have to rent a few pieces to finish off the space for our wedding. And we both love the little elements that give the space personality, like the Atlanta mural, wall of ties and strings of market lights. They’re all details that would be costly or impossible to duplicate in another venue, but they give our wedding tons of character.

Caroline Fontenot


Four letters: BYOB. Yes, it’s a brewery. But thanks to some weird Georgia drinking laws, the brewery legally can’t serve more than 20 ounces (I think) to a person in one day. The loop hole: Since Roo and I are not a brewery (obvi), if we bring the beer (and wine, and liquor) to the party, our guests can drink as much as they want. So we’ll be bringing our own kegs of Monday Night beer (and wine, and liquor) to the brewery to drink. That’s a huge savings over some venues that mark up beverage service.

We’re excited to support a local brewery. Having a wedding at the brewery means we have another way to support Atlanta’s local craft beer scene and gives us another reason to be super fans of Monday Night Brewing. Roo and I have such pride in Atlanta’s beer scene, and now we get a little extra tinge of excitement when MNB is declared by Southern Living as one of “The Best Bars in the South,” or announced as the venue for the 9th annual Atlanta Not Wedding. We’re jazzed that we get to share in even a tiny part of this awesome brewery’s history.

Once we considered all these details, it was clear that Monday Night Brewing was our space. It’s an unconventional choice for a wedding, judging by how surprised people are when we tell them we’re getting married at a brewery. But we’re convinced it’s the perfect place to say our vows and celebrate our marriage.

24. January 2014 by Taryn
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