Everything is Gonna Be Alright

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I’m an October Bride. I don’t know what I’m “ahead” or “behind” on, but I know this: We have a place, we have food and drinks, we have an officiant, and we just sent out cards to let our friends and family know about it. If nothing else gets done from here, it will all be fine. We’ll be legal, and everyone will be fed and having fun!

I keep thinking though, that something is falling through the cracks. That I’m just totally ignoring some huge aspect of wedding planning and I’m going to suddenly remember that I forgot to book a caterer or something. At least, that’s what happens in my panic-inducing wedding dreams. (Anybody else getting those?)

I think we all get too caught up in weddings and timelines. For me, it helps to imagine that this is just a big Oscar party or something. Would our Oscar party guests care if I dropped the ball on invites or choosing a cake flavor? Not really. I’d just send ’em an e-vite and pick up some cookies at the supermarket. Thanks to pressure from life and from the wedding industry, we brides set out from the beginning to plan the perfect day. But it won’t be perfect. It can’t possibly be. So if “oops!” you entirely forgot to book a caterer for your wedding tomorrow, just order some pizzas and take it in stride.

Whenever the stress gets to be too much or I wake up in a sweat dreaming that I’ve forgotten some huge piece of the puzzle and thinking I must be the worst bride ever, I just re-focus and remind myself that it’s just a party. Whatever comes up, I know I’m creative, I’m resourceful, and gosh darn it people like me. We will have this wedding come hell or high water and it will be the best day ever, even if it’s not perfect.

06. March 2014 by Taryn
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